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Who Uses A Professional Drapery Installer?

Installing Top Treatments On Bay Window Seneca SCPeople who use them will tell you that a professional drapery installer is worth their weight in gold.

But who uses them? Who needs them?

Interior Designers & Decorators – most installers work with at least one interior designer, some installers are full-time employees of the designer and are unable to work with anyone else (either due to the amount of work they have or due to a contractual agreement to not work with anyone else).

Some installers are independent or self-employed and have several designers & decorators that they work with.

Workrooms & Fabricators – some installers work for the people and companies that actually make the blinds, shutters, or draperies (again either as an employee or as a contractor).

Commercial Suppliers – a number of your national and regional home improvement stores that sell “ready made,” “semi-custom,” or even “custom” window treatments have a full-time installer/delivery driver/warehouse guy on staff or they have contracted installation services out to an independent installer.

Homeowners – it is unlikely that someone who is a full-time employee will do a lot of work directly for a homeowner. However, it is very likely that an independent installer will do a large portion of their work for homeowners and rely heavily on referrals to other homeowners in the neighborhood.

How do you find them?

Believe it or not, doing a Google Search for an independent window treatment installer will not find you a large number of valid results. Mainly what you will find are listings for companies that sell window treatments or links to yellow page directories that don’t actually give you what you are looking for.

You could ask around but most interior designers or drapery workrooms are not going to share the name of their installer if he is any good. But if you know someone who recently had work done, a word-of-mouth referral is a lifeline for most independent installers.

Outside of that, one option is to contact a fabric shop, especially if they sell drapery or upholstery type fabrics.

Another option is to contact us. We cover a pretty big geographic area, but even if we do not serve your area, we participate in several networking groups online where installers connect with one another.

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