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What Is A Plantation Shutter

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi, used to start out each new season with the team in the locker room where he would pick up the football and say to the team “This is a football.” It was all about getting down to basics.

arch shutterWhat Is A Plantation Shutter?

This is a plantation shutter and it seems that interior plantation shutters have the most versatility in terms of color options, materials, styles and upgraded options. They are also the hardest type of window treatment to understand and learn. The terminology is nothing like that used with other window coverings.

Modern day shutters usually have a 3 or 4 sided frame that surrounds the panel. Not as common are the 2 sided frames and the frame-less direct mount applications.

The panels will have hinges that allow them to swing open to access the window for cleaning, etc. Some companies have even developed a hidden hinge mechanism so that when closed you only see the shutter, not the hardware.

Most manufacturers offer 3 louver (or slat) sizes: 2.5inch, 3.5inch, or 4.5inch. Some manufacturers offer the older style “Colonial” shutter which has a 1.5inch or 1.875inch louver size. Click here to see a comparison of the 3 most common louver sizes and the difference in the amount of “view through” you have with each.

Interior shutters can be found in woods (such as cedar, basswood, oak, maple, elm) as well as synthetic or composite materials. In most cases wood shutters are more expensive than synthetics or composites and stained wood shutters are typically more expensive than painted wood shutters.

They can be mounted inside the window as long as there is sufficient depth to receive the frame stock. Most inside mount applications use what is called a Z-Frame due to it’s appearance. Outside mount shutters (meaning the shutter is mounted outside the window opening – either on top of the molding or past the molding on the wall) would never use a Z-Frame but could use an L-frame, Hang-strip, or direct mount application.

Shutters can not be installed with regular everyday use type screws and hardware. Most professional shutter installers use special fasteners that are not readily available at your home improvement megastores.

They are one of the few types of window treatments that you don’t have to worry about replacing down the road. They have a timeless appeal to them and with proper care and maintenance should last a long time.

Shutters are a great investment in your home. But they are not inexpensive. Prices are usually based on the total square footage of the unit and that ranges anywhere from $15.00 – $30.00 per square foot depending on manufacturer, material, color, etc.

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