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Thor’s Blinds

Have you seen the recent movie Thor? It’s based on a comic book series which is based on the character of the same name in Norse (i.e. Viking) Mythology.

Did you know that part of that mythology is woven into an everyday item that you probably have in your home right now?

According to Wikipedia and other forums on the web, there is a story in Norse Mythology that says Thor (also known as the god of thunder) once took shelter from a thunderstorm under an oak tree. And as such the oak became sacred to him.

Since the Norse people thought lightning entered a house through the windows they would place acorns on the window sill to protect their homes.

Supposedly that ancient myth has weaved its way into the modern era and now the pull cords on some window blinds are made of wood and resemble the shape of an acorn.

So think about that next Thor’s day, I mean Thursday, when you open your blinds.

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James A. Holloway
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James A. Holloway

James A. Holloway has been working in the window coverings industry since 2001 but it wasn't until 2009 that he took the leap and started his own installation business.

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James A. Holloway
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