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From wood blinds to vertical blinds… from plantation shutters to pleated draperies… our team can rescue your home from those “naked windows.”

Our goal is to be the best window treatment installation service in the area and to provide a competent and professional installation of your window treatments, regardless of where you purchased them.

Drapery Installation Services

As a professional window treatment installation service, we understand the nature of the various types of fabrics used to make both “ready-made” and custom draperies and top treatments. We know which fabrics can be lightly steamed and which ones can’t without risking damage to the material.

We also try to stay up to date on the ever increasing number of drapery rod manufacturers and suppliers and how those different types of hardware can dictate where (or if) a specific type of drapery treatment can be used on your windows.

Our installation rates are based on the width and type of drapery being installed and is subject to our minimum trip charge.

Blind and Shade Installation Services

When it comes to blinds and shades ― especially those that use some sort of cord as a lifting mechanism ― it is becoming more and more important to hire a professional that is up to date on the ongoing changes in the safety requirements for corded products.

We are experienced with almost every type and every brand of blind and shade on the market.

Our pricing structure is “per blind” and is based on the width of the blind or shade being installed and is subject to our minimum trip charge.

Shutter Installation Service

Because shutter terminology can vary from one manufacturer to another and due to the precision measurements required for most plantation shutters, we typically only install shutters that we have been contracted to measure.

Please note, we will only measure for shutters where we have samples or detailed specs describing the frames and technical aspects of the product.

Our labor rate for plantation shutters is based on the total square feet of all shutters being installed and is subject to our minimum trip charges.

So if you are ready to dress up your “naked windows” you can set up an appointment directly from our website.

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