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From antique mirrors to oil paintings… from sconces to silk tapestries… our installers can turn a bare wall into a visual focal point.

artwork installation serviceOur artwork installation service is available to both homeowners and interior designers.

We have found that there are basically four types of mounting styles for most pieces of artwork or decorative mirrors.

The first and simplest to install is a wire-mounted piece of artwork. We only use this method on lightweight or small pieces of artwork ― or when there is not another method that can be used because of the way the item has been made or assembled.

The second technique is a two-point direct mount method. We prefer this method over any other type of mounting system. It requires precision measurements to be taken before attaching the piece to the wall, but if done correctly, this method is more secure than a wire-mount and is more likely to remain level even in high traffic areas like a hallway or near a door that is opened and closed frequently.

The third method is a three-point security hanger system. This requires extremely accurate measurements and is primarily used in commercial environments like hotels, hospitals, restaurants or office buildings. This technique prevents the piece of artwork from being removed from the wall unless a special tool is used to “unlock” the hanger.

The fourth type of installation technique we use is an interlocking cleat system. We use this on oversized and extremely heavy pieces. This system distributes the weight across the entire width of the piece and onto the wall studs. Items that need this type of mounting usually require two installers to secure them to the wall.

Our pricing on artwork and mirror installations is based on a “per piece” model and is dependent upon the type of mounting method used and is subject to our minimum trip charge.

Other Types of Wall Hangings

In addition to framed artwork and decorative mirrors, we also install tapestries, sconces, robe hooks, towel bars, toilet paper holders, dry erase boards, shower curtain rods, and knick-knack shelves.

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