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Installs And iPods

If you are working with an installer you will probably need to address the issue of “personal devices on a jobsite” at some point.

“Personal Devices” could be a cellphone, an iPhone, a Blackberry, an iPod or MP3 player, a radio or “boombox” or other such device.

Pocket Music by danTo most people it’s probably not a big deal if the installer is listening to the radio while they work, as long as it does not become a distraction. But clearly it’s not appropriate to hear the installer’s karaoke sing-along version of “Blue Suede Shoes.”

And even though social media is a common practice in business these days, nobody wants to catch their installer checking Facebook or Twitter from their smartphone when they are supposed to be hanging a set of window treatments.

Some commercial suppliers have it written into their guidelines prohibiting the use of “personal devices” while working for one of their customers.

Even a phone call can be an issue. If it’s a business related call, the installer should take it outside if possible, and keep it as short as possible.

If it’s a personal call, the installer should call them back later unless it’s critically important that they take the call (critically important = the house is on fire, their child is in the hospital, their wife was in a car accident, etc… NOT critically important = did you see the game last night? do you want to rent a movie tonight? can you pick up a jug of milk on your way home?).

That being said, if the installer can perform their work proficiently and efficiently while listening to music, etc. then it might be fine for them to do so. However, if the work to be performed requires their undivided attention, then maybe that should be made clear at the beginning of the project.

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