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Hip To Be Square

Every once in a while, something will come along that makes you stop and do a double take. Your initial reaction is “Hmm, I wonder what they were thinking when they did that.” But after you look at it for a minute it transitions into “Hmm, that’s actually pretty cool. I wonder who thought that up.”

Occasionally something like that will happen in the world of interior design.

Maybe it’s the combination of two totally different and seemingly incompatible fabric patterns, that somehow seem to work in a room.

Maybe it’s an oil painting hung over the fireplace that by itself is less than ideal, but pulls together the fabrics and colors in a room.

Maybe it’s the oversized cabinet sitting across from the loveseat. At first glance it serves no purpose – there are not even any decorative nick-nacks sitting on it – but at the touch of a button the flat screen television rises up out of it so you can watch your favorite show.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s one of the most interesting collections of drapery hardware to hit the market in recent years. “It” is a square drapery rod and several companies are starting to offer it.

square drapery rodMost of them offer the rod in a 2″ or a 3″ diameter. And some of the manufacturers offer brackets that are crafted in such a way that this square rod can be rotated 45 degrees and become a diamond-shaped rod.

There are even some rods available that are “routed-out” to allow for a track to be embedded in the back of the rod to create a fully functional traverse rod.

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James A. Holloway
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James A. Holloway

James A. Holloway has been working in the window coverings industry since 2001 but it wasn't until 2009 that he took the leap and started his own installation business.

In 2011, he created the "Window Treatment Installers Network" a online forum for window treatment professionals.

In 2013 he began writing for window coverings blog called TraVerse.

And in 2014 he was recruited by the Custom Home Furnishings Academy to teach their Installation 101 Curriculum .
James A. Holloway
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