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How Can I Treat My Corner Window?

We don’t get this question very often, but from time to time someone will have us come out to measure and they point to it and ask “How can I treat my corner window?”

how can i treat my corner window

When I see things like that I tend to cringe. You see, I have come to the conclusion that architects, builders, and especially window manufacturers are all part of a vast conspiracy to try to cause me to have a nervous breakdown. Even if they aren’t trying to cause me to go bonkers, they clearly do not appreciate the value of building a home with windows where you can actually install window treatments.

These windows were fairly shallow. So much so that installing regular wood blinds or woven wood shades would have been almost impossible (especially in the corner). Even cellular shades or roller shades would have been problematic.

This was the breakfast area off of the kitchen so vertical blinds were out also because they would get bumped or “clack” every time someone tried to sit on the back side of the table.

The client chose to go with plantation shutters. I love shutters. I’ve installed a lot of shutters over the years. But I was still a bit concerned about this window. The window was not deep enough for a fully recessed inside mount shutter. We also had to address the issue of the various changes in the depth of the trimwork.

But after measuring and referring to my shutter handbook I was able to write up a measure sheet with the dimensions for a shutter that would cover the windows and would be fabricated as one complete unit that utilized a custom corner post. You’ll notice we also incorporated vertical T-Posts to give the frame some added structural integrity.how can i treat my corner window

A project like this is simply more than one guy can safely handle on his own, so I called in some back up. It took the two of us, just under an hour to assemble the frame, mount it, align all of the panels correctly, and make any final tweaks but I think the end result was well worth it.

How Can I Treat My Corner Window

Just in case you are wondering, the designer on this project ordered these shutters from Norman Shutter Company. They are the black walnut stain on a real wood shutter with antique brass hinges. They have a 3-1/2″ louver size with the invisible tilt upgrade.

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