Blind cords
I know that not  everyone  out  there has access to the
same level of  information that I have as a professional
installer.  Hopefully  I  can share  some of what I know
and  help  you  keep  your  family  and  pets safe from
what  has  been  described  as one of the top 5 hidden
dangers in the home.

As  an  installer I show  my  clients the proper  way  to
operate and maintain their window treatments.

Unfortunately  I  can't  be  there every minute of every
day to make  sure they are using  them  properly  and
that they are teaching their children how to use them
and live with them properly.

And let's be  honest, if they  sell the house,  no one is
going to make sure the new owners  have been shown
the proper way to use the products (assuming the product is still in pristine working condition). So what's a guy like me to do?

The only thing I know to do is to try to get the word out just one more time. I don't have the resources or the readership of organizations like Parents For Window Blind Safety, the Window Covering Safety Council, or the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, but I'm out there in the trenches, just like a bunch of other installers that I know.

And if we can share what we've learned and share some of the stories that come across our desks, maybe, just maybe, we can help our clients make smarter choices and also help the manufacturers make smarter (and safer) products.

So do me a favor. If you are reading this and you work in the window treatment industry, or you are a parent of small children, or you know someone who is a parent of small children - please share this post with them. Share it on your blog, share it on Twitter or on Facebook, send it to their email. I'll make it easy for you, just click on any of the icons at the bottom of this post.


By . Published on 02/22/2013.
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James A. Holloway
James A. Holloway is a 10 year veteran of the window treatment industry.
He first entered the industry in 2001 as an installer for a company based in Greer, SC.
He later moved into sales for that company before starting South East Installation Solutions in 2009.

He is active in the HunterDouglas Professional Installers Program and has been awarded EXPERT certification by Somfy Systems for their motorization products.

He is also the founder of WIN-TIN, a networking and technical forum for window treatment professionals.