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South East Installation Solutions was founded in 2009 by James A. Holloway, a native of the Greenville, SC area. His 10 years of experience as a window treatment installer for another local firm was the launching pad for the company.

We work with some of the top interior design firms here in the Upstate SC area, as well as designers and decorators from across the country.

Since our launch, we have successfully completed over 4,000 window treatment and artwork installation projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle the complex and logistically challenging projects that other installation firms turn down. We are also willing to do the small jobs that other businesses “don’t have time to do.”

South East Installation Solutions was created with one concept in mind — the proper and professional installation of your window treatments — regardless of where you purchased them.

But rather than boring you by telling you how good we think we are, we’ll let real customers give you their own testimonials.